Introducing the fully Connected Trailer

Take a look at some of our key features


Braking Performance

We developed our Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS) in response to the specific guidelines introduced by the DVSA in 2014. EBPMS reduces the burden associated with carrying out a minimum of three laden Roller Brake Test per year.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring

TrailerMaster TPMS can save you thousands of pounds in fuel and breakdown costs. As an investment in your trailer fleet, effective tyre pressure monitoring delivers year on year savings, as well as improved efficiency and safety for your personnel..

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EBS DTC Monitoring

Be the first to know about issues with your trailers EBS as it detected. With TrailerMaster you can view DTC error codes directly from the web portal, as well as receiving an email alert.

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Bogie Load Monitoring

Get the most out of your trailer fleet, by being able to monitor the bogie weight remotely via portal. Our patented technolgy also alllows you to be able to monitor the bogie weight of the trailer whilst it’s uncoupled, so you can even monitor when trailer has been unloaded on a customers site.

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Trailer Tracking

Instantly understand where all of your trailers are on feature rich map. View playback of journeys to see exactly where trailers have been, also see whats available in given location with its current bogie weight.

Geofencing places virtual markers to record when a trailer arrives or leaves a specific point of interest, such as a depot or customers premises.

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Trailer Light Monitoring

Light circuit monitoring feature is the only available with the installation of the Function box as it needs to be connected to the trailer’s wiring harness, which allows us to monitor the lighting circuits remotely and alerts you via email of a defected lighting circuit when it happens out on the road

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Multi-Platform Fleet Management

Multi-Platform Fleet Management

Through our unique and intuitive we portal you can monitor, manage and command your fleet across all of your devices.